Behind the Scenes: Managing a Trade Show Without Losing Your Mind

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"A plan is nothing; planning is everything."
—General Dwight Eisenhower

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"Ms. Rocke has done an excellent job describing how a person in charge of a booth at a trade show can stay focused on the purpose of the trade show which is to create leads...It is a must-read for anyone responsible for any aspect of a trade show."
—Owen Jay Murphy, president, TransGlobal Consulting, LLC

"Behind the Scenes: Managing a Trade Show Without Losing Your Mind is a straightforward guide to running a successful trade show. A no-nonsense manual that taps directly into the author's eleven years of experience managing trade shows in the high technology industry."
—Midwest Book Review

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Who uses Behind the Scenes?

•Trade Show Managers
•Business Owners
•Marketing Managers
•PR Agents and Agencies
•Marketing Professionals
•Advertising Professionals

Anyone involved in any aspect of the trade show program.

Pamela Rocke is a marketing consultant, writer, graphic artist and author. She is also a former technical writer. Pam spent many years coordinating trade shows for her company, a small high tech manufacturer - up to ten per year.

"I learned how to manage trade shows on the job. A lot of the information in my book - I learned the hard way. This is the book I wish I'd had when I started out."

Pam knows that exhibiting at trade shows can generate substantial profits. It's the best venue for launching a new product or service. Exhibiting at trade shows gives a company exposure to dozens of editors, trade magazines and media professionals.

But exhibiting is a complicated, specialized business. One mistake can cost a company thousands of dollars, sometimes tens of thousands!

No trade show is without its diversions. The trick is to avoid the big mistakes while taking every advantage the show offers.

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How to Manage Trade Shows and Win Customers Without Losing Your Money, Your Job or Your Company


Companies spend billions of dollars every year to exhibit at trade shows. Billions and billions of dollars. And trade shows are profitable. Many companies write 90% or more of their yearly sales at trade shows.

Where else can a small mom and pop company have direct access to the same potential customers as the largest corporations in the world? Where else can any company meet face to face with their current and future customers? Trade shows are the perfect venue for a new product launch.

Trade shows can also be complicated, messy procedures. They can be frustrating. And, while trade shows are an important part of any sales effort, they can be money pits. Big money pits.

To make money exhibiting at trade shows, you need to know how to choose the right shows. You need to know how to quickly get the lead (trust me, the process is unique.) To avoid the money pit, you need to know much more.

You need to know how to...

•Select the best shows
•Choose the perfect exhibit space
•Plan the 12-month countdown
•Create a Master To-Do List
•Choose the right exhibit property
•Create the right signs for your exhibit
•Avoid shipping nightmares
•Train the booth staff
•Optimize public relations
•Solve common…and uncommon problems

Does this sound like hard work? It can be…if you have a knowledge gap. You may not be one who packs the crates, makes the signs or creates the press kits. But if any of these tasks are botched, you lose!

Behind the Scenes: Managing a Trade Show Without Losing Your Mind is packed with ten chapters, two appendices and a full, easy-to-use index. It discusses everything you need to know in order to be a successful exhibitor.

Behind the Scenes includes the a sample Master To-Do Check List - a list of the tasks and forms you'll need to complete, beginning at least 12 months before the show.

Behind the Scenes also includes a sample Budget Worksheet.

Plus, three new Blockbuster
Bonus Reports!

Bonus Report #1: Four Low-Cost, No-Cost Things You Can Do To Promote Your Business - Now!
The Internet has leveled the playing field. Anyone, anywhere can use the Internet to promote their products and services. You might be surprised at these four simple low-cost or no-cost things you can do to put the 'net on your side.

Bonus Report #2: The Secret of Color: Getting the Most Out of Your Ads, Brochures, Web Sites and More
There's a psychology to color. Color has the power to create moods and drive actions. Bonus Report #2 gives you five major color palettes, complete with sample swatches, geared towards specific goals and customers:

1. Grab Me - Strength and Power
2. Professional, Polished and Mechanical
3. Ahhh! Fitness and Health
4. Energize Me - Sporting Goods and Active Lifestyle
5. You Can Trust Me - Law Firms, Investment Advisors, Insurance Agents and More

Bonus Report #3: Three Secrets of the Golden Press Release

There are good press releases, and then there are great press releases. The kind that has editors calling, asking for more. The kind that shows up all over the web. Bonus Report #3 gives you the three secrets to the Golden Press Release. You'll read examples of "okay" releases. You'll read examples of golden releases. And then you'll learn how to make an okay release Golden!

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